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School teacher shoots student over parking space
Central European UFO enthusiasts converge
Slovak drummer plays for 64 hours non-stop
Fun radio punished for porn star interview

School teacher shoots student over parking space

Secondary school teacher Maria M. shot 17 year-old Mario S. in the lower back because the student parked in front of her house and refused to move his car. Maria reportedly angrily confronted Mario about his parking selection, but Mario decided to leave his car where it was,
He then went into town and after he finished shopping, the irate Maria argued again with Mario, who called his younger brother and his friend for help.
When the two young men arrived at the scene, Maria took her husband's gun and fired two shots in the air. She then pistol-whipped Mario's brother Andrej, before she took aim at Mario himself.
According to hospital reports, Mario was shot in the sacrum (lower back). His condition is said to have been stabilised and doctors say his recery should last three weeks. Andrej, meanwhile, will be recovering at home for 10 days.
Maria S. is being charged with attempted murder and illegal possession of firearms. Nitra police will conduct the investigation without the suspect in custody, deciding to investigate her while she remains "at liberty".

Central European UFO enthusiasts converge

'UFOlogists' from Slovakia and neighbouring countries gathered in Košice over the November 25-26 weekend for the ninth annual UFO congress to discuss sightings and research. Slovakia currently has 10 UFO clubs.
There have been over 300 UFO sightings in Slovakia since 1990, said the event's organiser Miloš Jesenský, with most of the reports coming from the Trnava region in western Slovakia. Trnava UFO Club head Miroslav Kárlik said 172 sightings - including 25 appearances of 'crop circles' and eight sightings of extra-terrestrials - had been reported in the region since the club's establishment in 1993.
The most recent sighting was reported in the Piešťany region at 17:00 on November 10. The UFO was said to have been hovering low in the sky until a civil aircraft flew nearby, at which time the object began glowing and ascended out of sight.

Slovak drummer plays for 64 hours non-stop

Slovak drummer Milan Malov beat on his drums for 64 straight hours beginning November 23 at 22:00 and ending four days later at 14:00. During his drumming marathon, he was accompanied by 60 different musicians and singers.
Malov's feat was good enough for the European continental record. During the four day drumming spree, he was permitted one five minute break every hour, not enough to save him from near exhaustion at the end of the record-setting performance. He was watched by two judges to verify the record.
Malov first went after the record in 1988 when he drummed 36 consecutive hours. He has since put together drumming times of 50, 56 and 60 hours. The world record is held by an Englishman who holds the record with 44 days and one hour of non-stop drumming, although members of Malov's supporters have doubted the verity of the claim.

Fun radio punished for porn star interview

The Bratislava-based Fun Rádio must broadcast an announcement on violating the media broadcasting law because it aired an interview with Slovak porn star Olivia de Trevill in October.
The Council for Broadcast and Retransmission (RVR) handed the decision down because Fun Rádio broadcast the interview at 17:00 (before the accepted time of 22:00) without previously announcing that the interview was not sexual education, but about prostitution. Fun Rádio has three days from the time they receive the verdict to air the announcement.

Compiled by Chris Togneri
from TASR and press reports

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