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Twelve year-old gives birth to healthy baby boy
Car hits horse-drawn carriage on busy bridge
Pitbull terrier burnt alive inside a Mercedes
Drunk driver caught with 4.5 blood-alcohol level
Seventh annual Halušky cooking and eating contest

Twelve year-old gives birth to healthy baby boy

A 12 year-old girl gave birth to a healthy baby boy last June 7 in Košice's Fakultná Hospital. Attending doctors said there had been no complications during the birth or pregnancy. Doctor Štefan Lukačín said that his hospital helped about five girls between the ages of 14 and 15 to give birth every year.
The girl's mother said that the father of the baby was a 21 year-old man who has promised to marry the mother of his child once she turns 18.

Car hits horse-drawn carriage on busy bridge

A car drove into a 300 year-old antique horse carriage June 9 on Bratislava's Nový Most bridge. The antique wedding carriage was being pulled by a pair of horses in a summer downpour.
Luckily, no newlyweds were on the carriage at the time of the crash. Both carriage drivers were injured as were both horses, who suffered injuries to their hindquarters.

Pitbull terrier burnt alive inside a Mercedes

A pittbull terrier was killed on the night of June 5 in Prievidza when an unknown culprit set fire to the Mercedes in which he was trapped. Police assume that the owner of the car had left his dog inside to guard the Mercedes.

Drunk driver caught with 4.5 blood-alcohol level

Lučenec police arriving at a local car accident discovered that the 47 year-old driver had 4.5 parts-per-thousand blood-alcohol level. The drunk driver suffered light injuries, while the driver of the car he had crashed into was uninjured. Damages to the two cars was estimated at 80,000 Slovak crowns ($1,630).
Blood-alcohol levels of over four are usually considered fatal.

Seventh annual Halušky cooking and eating contest

The seventh annual bryndzové halušky cooking and eating contest took place June 9 in Turecká, a village near Banská Bystrica. The cook from the winning team - a Slovak group led by Peter Bienský - managed to prepare a three litre bowl of halušky in 6 minutes and 36 seconds. The fastest eating team was the Team Hotel Leona, from the Slovak village of Kováčová, which ate its bowl-full in 48 seconds.
The Kukuk team, which consisted of three blind men and a fourth team member with one good eye, was the crowd favourite in improving on their 37th place finish last year to take 16th this year. "We succeeded even though there was some tough competition here," said team leader Aldo Daxner. "We come here to show people that we can enjoy ourselves despite the fact that we are blind. We are normal people and we don't mind when somebody says to us 'see you later'."

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports

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