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Yoga in schools attacked by the Church, KDH

The Education Ministry's proposal to introduce yoga into the Slovak basic school curriculum has come under fire from the Catholic Church and the ruling coalition Christian Democrats party (KDH). Education Minister Milan Ftačnik said the project focused on relaxation exercises, and would be an optional course. The Church argued it promotes atheism and an unhealthy focus on oneself; the KDH threatened to leave the ruling coalition of the proposal went through.

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Cloud computing becomes a standard

External servers are now much more secure than local business ones, according to experts.

Slovak firms have their eyes on the cloud.

Slovaks drink less and less

Behind the decline in alcohol consumption is, for example, the abandoning of the habit of drinking at work – typical especially during communism, according to an expert.

Kiska: Even Europe has its aggressive neighbour

President Andrej Kiska addressed UN commenting poverty, instability and climate change.

President Andrej Kiska

Arca Capital enters the banking sector

Czech and Slovak financial group acquires a majority share in Austrian private bank Wiener Privatbank.

Bank, illustrative stock photo