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Letters to the Editor: Out of step with modern thinking

Dear Editor,

Having lived in Košice for almost two years, I find parliament's decision extremely out of step with the thinking of modern Slovakia ["Homosexuals denied Labour Code umbrella" by Martina Pisarova Vol. 7 no. 28. July 16-29]. I lived completely openly with my Slovak partner for the entire duration of my stay in Košice, and not once did either of us run into any problems as a result of this.

One of Košice's most popular night clubs started life as a gay club, which grew and grew in popularity with young people in Košice, and it is now a place where people, both gay and straight, go to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and good music the club has now become well known for.

I think this is a clear example that people in Slovakia have far greater concerns than whether somebody chooses to be with someone of their own sex or not.

Not only does this decision show how out of touch with young Slovaks parliament has become, but it will undoubtedly be yet another reason for the EU to refuse Slovakia membership by 2004.

Scott Lafferty

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