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Energy market to take first step to liberalisation

Slovakia's power market will take the first step towards liberalisation January 1, 2002 as users with power demands of over 100 GWh a year will be allowed to choose between energy suppliers.

The Mikuláš Dzurinda government has recently pushed ahead with plans to liberalise Slovakia's energy market and has pledged to sell off gas giant Slovenský plynárenský priemysel (SPP) and crude oil pipeline operator Transpetrol by the end of this year.

However, the sale of electricity utility Slovenské elektrárne, slated for next year, is unlikely to be carried through on time, sector experts have said.

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Messerschmidt created most of his character heads in Pressburg

Bratislava will name a square after the prominent artist

A replica of one head from the series Character Heads by F. X. Messerschmidt; ownership of the Slovak National Gallery

Christmas Bazaar returns to the Old Market hall

One of the events which presents diplomatic communities residing in Slovakia to the wider public is the already traditional Christmas Bazaar, which focuses on gastronomy and charity.

Christmas Bazaar 2016

Blog: The wanderer returns home

The places you visit, people you befriend, experiences that leave their mark, they all become a part of you.

Go east for real morality, Jean-Marc Barr says Photo

The French American actor/director, who plays in a Slovak co-production film, said during a recent visit to Bratislava that eastern Europe, and other eastern countries still have what America has already and what…

Jean-Marc Barr during IFF Bratislava 2017