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Deposit protection to be set at 90%

A new law on deposit security, approved in late July by cabinet and set to take effect January 1 2002, will reduce from 100 to 90% the share of client deposits that will be protected by a deposit fund in the case of bank failures.

The Finance Ministry had argued that the protection level should be kept at 100%, but Deputy Prime Minister for the Economy Ivan Mikloš said that the 100% cover ran the risk of 'moral hazard' - people taking greater risks with unstable banks because they knew their deposits were completely protected.

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Bratislava councillors want gambling regulation, not ban

Seventeen councillors do not agree with total prohibition of gambling in the capital, they want to continue in its strict regulation.

Unemployment rate keeps decreasing

Positive development of Slovakia’s economy seen behind the decrease.

European Investment Bank supported Slovakia with €918 million in 2016

2016 was a successful year for the EIB Group in Slovakia, said EIB Vice-President Vazil Hudák.

Vazil Hudák

Slovak film won Generation Kplus section at Berlinale

The film Little Harbour that won the Crystal Bear – beating movies from many other countries - is the work of (mostly) Slovak women.

Director of Little Harbour, Iveta Grófová, with the Cristal Bear