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Friendly young bear wears out welcome
Fisherman swept away by Váh River
Four WW II grenades found in one week

Friendly young bear wears out welcome

For several weeks, a young female bear has been seen approaching tourists near the High Tatras' Rysy peak.
In recent days the bear has become dangerous to tourists. Animal experts believe the animal began taking food from trash containers, and has thus gotten used to the presence of people.
The bear has certainly become attached to Rysy cottage, a popular inn near the top of Rysy peak. At first, the bear would steal cream and goulash soup from the cottage's storage room; later it became a frequent visitor.
"People would throw stones at her, and tried to scare her away from the cottage," said the cottage's manager, Viktor Beránek.
Because the bear is playful, Beranek added, it responded by starting to bother the visitors. Last week it bit one tourist in the ankle and another in the hip - a woman who was relaxing on a nearby rock. The bear bit another tourist August 4. All three people were treated in a hospital.
"We'll go and look for her," said Jozef Kováč from the Tatras National Park (TANAP) nature protection organisation. TANAP has permission to catch the bear, but no zoo has yet expressed interest in having the animal.
"If we don't manage to catch her, we'll probably have to shoot her," Kováč added.

Fisherman swept away by Váh River

Trenčín police are searching for 61 year-old fisherman Juraj Gabaj, who was carried away by a strong wave while fishing on the Váh River August 6.
The event took place short before 20.00; Gabaj was fishing with his friend, who later reported the case. The wave initially took both men, but one managed to swim to the river bank.
Police are searching for Gabaj with the help of trained divers.

Four WW II grenades found in one week

A grenade originating from World War II was found on August 3 by a 43 year-old man near the Nižná Písaná village in eastern Slovakia's Svidník region.
That same week, a 55 year-old man from Svidník found another grenade near Krajná Bystrá village. Police confirmed that the munition had also come from WW II. Anna V. from Vyšný Komárnik found a grenade from WW II August 3 as she and her husband were digging in their back garden.
The next day, August 4, a 50 year-old Košice native found an unidentified munition from WW II, reported Magdaléna Fečová, spokesperson of the Prešov district police force.

Compiled by Martina Pisárova from SITA and press reports

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