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Mountain bear to be placed in Košice zoo
Teenagers served caustic liquid instead of water
"Experimental tomatoes" confiscated by police
Drunk policeman causes car crash, resigns

Mountain bear to be placed in Košice zoo

Bratislava-based animal rights group Sloboda zvierat (Freedom of Animals) has found a temporary place for a bear which in recent weeks has approached people near Rysy cottage in the High Tatra mountains, attacking three times.
Forest authorities said that the bear, which has yet to be caught, would have to be shot when captured unless a zoo expressed an interest in taking it. The bear should stay in Košice zoo for a month while Sloboda zvierat said it would do its best to find a zoo in Slovakia or abroad which was prepared to offer more permanent shelter.

Teenagers served caustic liquid instead of water

Two 14 year-old girls from Bratislava were mistakenly served 2 decilitres each of soda lye, a highly dangerous caustic liquid, instead of the mineral water they had ordered at Zochova chata cottage near Bratislava August 8. The customers immediately became sick after just a few sips of the liquid.
According to the Slovak daily Sme, a plastic bottle marked as mineral water had contained the dangerous liquid. It was left on a kitchen table by a worker cleaning beer pipes. The girls are now at Bratislava's Kramáre hospital where they were treated for serious burns to their intestines and oesophagus. Their parents are suing the cottage's staff.

"Experimental tomatoes" confiscated by police

A retired 70 year-old woman from Fričovce in the Prešov region was surprised when a fleet of police cars drove up to her house and policemen from the national anti-drug squad knocked at her door.
After she opened the door, the police went straight to the elderly woman's garden and stopped at a group of plants, which the woman said her grandson, a university student at Prešov University, had planted there and told her were "experimental tomatoes". The plants turned out to be marihuana. The police destroyed all the plants.

Drunk policeman causes car crash, resigns

A heavily drunk policeman, Kamil K., who worked at the Trnava regional police headquarters, caused a car crash in Koštolná village August 13. At 19:30, Kamil K. crashed into a car which had stopped at the end of a side street to give way to Kamil K. as he drove along the main road. No one was injured in the accident, but police discovered that their off-duty colleague had 2.46 parts per thousand of alcohol in his blood.
Kamil K. was charged with drunk driving. He resigned from the police force the following day.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from SITA and press reports

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