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Homeless man robbed
Piranha pulled from river
Artefacts unearthed

Homeless man robbed

Three men have been charged with attacking a 38 year-old homeless man from Komárno in his provisory house - a wooden shed at the Komárno Jewish cemetery. The suspects went into the shed on the night of August 20, beat the man, and stole 1,500 Slovak crowns ($30). If convicted, they face eight years in jail.

Piranha pulled from river

An angler from Trnava caught a 20 centimetre piranha August 16 in the Parna River. The piranha was believed to have been kept in an aquarium and later put in the river. Although three more piranhas were also released into the river, a Trnava police spokesman said there was no danger to the public as piranha only attack in shoals of at least one hundred.

Artefacts unearthed

Evidence of an ancient culture dating back to 1,100 BC was unearthed on the grounds of Pustý castle near Zvolen during an archaeological dig August 16.
In what during World War II had been a bunker for partisan guerillas fighting the Nazis, about 150 bronze objects, including weapons and jewels, were found. The objects will be displayed as part of a historical-archaeological exposition at Zvolen castle.
Václav Hanuliak, head of the archaeological research unit at Pustý castle said that the treasure had probably been a sacrificial gift made to gods.
Pustý castle was built in the second half of the 12th century.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports

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