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FILM: Trainspoting. Danny Boyle's provocative black comedy is a look at a generation which revolts bizarrely against modern society.
Starts at 20:30. Filmclub YMCA, Karpatská 2. Tel: 02/ 5249-8788.


ROCK CONCERT: Blues Rock Circus. Slovak rockers cover English versions of old folk and rock and roll, from Chuck Berry to the Rolling Stones.
Admission free. Starts at 21:00. Aligátor pub, Laurinská 7. Tel: 02/5441-8611.


EXHIBITION: Trienále Exlibris Bratislava 2001. Works by the winners of an international graphic competition will open at 17:00 on the third floor while an exhibition of Japanese graphic artist Shigeki Tomura will begin in Galéria Aktualít.
Admission 30-60 Sk. Open daily except Mon 10:00-18:00. Pálffyho Palác (Pálffy's Palace), Panská 19. Tel: 02/ 5443-3627. Both exhibitions run until October 28.


LIVE CONCERT: New York rock band Speed Dial (which plays psychedelic rock melodies and gentle blues ballads) takes the stage with the Slovak band White Noise.
Tickets: 100 Sk. Starts at 20:00. Klub za zrkadlom (Club Behind Mirror), Rovniankova 3, Petržalka. Tel: 02/ 6381-1328.


EXHIBITION: Homage to Cubism. Works by the world's most significant cubist artists will be shown with works of Czech and Slovak artists.
Admission 10-20 Sk. Open daily except Mon 10:00-18:00. Slovenská Národná Galéria (Slovak National Gallery) at Esterházyho palác, Námestie Ľ. Štúra 4. Tel: 02/ 5443-2081-2. The exhibition runs until October 14.


ORGAN CONCERT: Slovak Katarína Hanzelová plays works by international composers including Italian Giovanni Martini during the Slovak Historical Organ Festival.
Tickets: 50 Sk Starts at 19:00. Koncertná sieň Klarisky (Klarisky Concert Hall), Farská 4. Tickets on sale in advance at the Old Town Culture Centre, Uršulínska 11. Tel: 02/ 5443-2942.


PRESENTATION: Days of Masters. Slovak craftsmen produce and exhibits their works, such as leather handbags, wooden toys and tinker's products, on the Bratislava Old Town Hall courtyard.
Admission free. Nádvorie Starej Radnice, Primaciálne námestie 3. Tel: 02/ 5443-1677

Top stories

In praise of concrete

It was once notorious for its drab tower blocks and urban crime, but Petržalka now epitomises modern Slovakia.

Petržalka is the epitome of communist-era architecture.

Slow down, fashion

Most people are unaware that buying too many clothes too harms the environment.

In shallow waters, experts are expendable

Mihál says that it is Sulík, the man whom his political opponents mocked for having a calculator for a brain, who “is pulling the party out of liberal waters and towards somewhere completely different”.

Richard Sulík is a man of slang.

Blog: Exploring 20th century military sites in Bratislava

It seems to be the fate of military sites and objects in Bratislava that none of them were ever used for the purposes they were built for - cavernas from WWI, bunkers from WWII, nuclear shelters or the anti-aircraft…

One nuclear shelter with a capacity for several hundred people now serves as a music club with suitable name Subclub (formerly U-club).