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Andy Warhol on Budiš bottles
Slovnaft workers discover 15,000-litre gas theft
Man posing as shopper takes half million from shop
Charged officers remain on duty

Liptovský Mikuláš
Andy Warhol on Budiš bottles

Slovak mineral water firm Budiš has begun wrapping its 0.25-litre glass bottles in American pop-artist Andy Warhol's portraits of Lenin, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Warhol's parents were born in the eastern Slovak village Miková.

Slovnaft workers discover 15,000-litre gas theft

An unknown perpetrator stole 15,000 litres of engine gas, valued at 465,000 Slovak crowns ($9,300), from a Slovnaft filling station in Ožiany (Rimavská Sobota district) during the weekend September 1-2. The theft was not discovered until workers checked the fuel reserves Monday afternoon.

Man posing as shopper takes half million from shop

An as-yet unidentified man entered a local shop on September 4 in the city of Handlová, grabbed a shopping cart and walked unnoticed to the rear of the store, where he entered the director's office, took 450,000 ($9000) crowns from an open iron safe and 25,000 ($500) lying on the desk, and fled through an exit in the back, local police said.

Charged officers remain on duty

Two Trenčín city policemen under investigation for robbery, hooliganism and assault returned to regular duty Monday, September 3, said the deputy chief of the Trenčín police. Both officers will remain at work until exonerated or proven guilty in court.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports

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