HZDS remains on top in polls

The MVK polling agency on September 13 released the results of a poll it had done from September 4 to 11 on a representative group of 1,126 people. Respondents were asked the question: „If parliamentary elections were held this week, to which party or movement would you give your vote?“ Some 11.8% of voters said they would not participate in elections, while 15% said they didn‘t know who they would vote for. Opposition parties enjoyed 35.9% support, non-parliamentary parties 29.2%, and the parties of the current ruling coalition 35.8%, down from about 60% in their 1998 election victory.

The figures in the table are in percent. For the purposes of comparison we include a July poll by the same agency.
Jul 2001 Sept 2001
HZDS-ĽS (opposition) 26.2...28.5
Smer (non-parliamentary) 17.5...16.3
SMK (government) 10.9...9.9
ANO (non-parliamentary) 6.6...8.3
SDKÚ (government) 9.2...8.1
SNS (opposition) 9.7...7.4
SDĽ (government) 4.8...6.2
KDH (government) 6.0...5.8
KSS (non-parliamentary) 3.1...2.6
DS (government) 1.0...2.5
SOP (government) 1.9...1.5
SZS (government) 0.7...0.9
SDSS (government) 0.3...0.9
Stred (non-parliamentary) 0.6...0.7
ZRS (non-parliamentary) 0.9...0.3
LDU (government) 0.0...0.0
Other parties 0.6...0.1

Source: MVK

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