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Graves sought for unknown migrants
Five-metre python returns home
Two diplomatic cars crash

Graves sought for unknown migrants

A native of India who died in late August in Slovakia of hepatitis, and an unidentified corpse also thought to be a recent illegal migrant, were still being held in early September by two towns in eastern Slovakia while local officials decided who would pay for their funerals. If the town Michalovce and the Slovak border police are unable to contact the deceased Indian national's relatives, the town will have to pay for the funeral. The second body, found near the village Petrovce pri Sobrance on Slovakia's border with Ukraine, is planned to be buried among the graves of unknown Soviet soldiers who died in the second world war.

Five-metre python returns home

A five-metre (16 foot) pet python, which in mid-August disappeared without a trace from a terrarium near Nitra, slithered back to its home September 8. Július Karabinoš, the snake's owner, said he believed the recent cold weather had convinced the 60kg (132lb) reptile of the superiority of its indoor cage.
The python is the only of its kind in Slovakia, Karabinoš said.
But in an unexpected turn of events for the snake, it was immediately transported to a new vivarium at Nitra Agricultural University. Following the python's disappearance, Karabinoš had donated his collection of snakes, turtles, crocodiles and other reptiles to the university because he could no longer afford the rent at the building where his original collection was kept.

Two diplomatic cars crash

An Austrian embassy limousine crashed into a Ukrainian embassy car September 10 at about 10.00 on SNP Square. Neither of the drivers were injured. Damages were estimated at approximately 300,000 crowns ($6,000).

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports

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