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The voice of a citizen
A licence to disregard the laws of the road
Sincerest commiseration

The voice of a citizen

The Slovak government committed a crime against its citizens by ignoring the threat of Devín bank's collapse ["NBS: Devín bank investor a fraud" by Ed Holt Vol. 7 No. 33 September 3-9]. All citizens will pay for Devín bank debts through taxes. The central bank is not without blame. It doesn't act like a watchdog, but like a spectator.
I would not give a loan to the Deposit Protection Fund to cover the deposits of Devín bank clients. If a client doesn't consider what risks he is taking then he should be disciplined by not having his deposit returned (or significantly less than 100%, in contrary to rules which are valid now).
If the government wants to have an effective economy then it should apply effective rules of trade. The SDĽ (Democratic Left Party of the ruling coalition) deny their responsibility in this case even though they were keeping Devín bank above water ie by stopping an earlier bankruptcy.
Is it common elsewhere that the government takes the side of a private bank? Or is this a Slovak speciality once again?

A citizen

A licence to disregard the laws of the road

The standard of driving in Slovakia is very poor [re: ["The PM's spurious gestalt" Editorial Vol. 7 No. 34 September 10-16]. Years of driving inferior, under-powered cars has not prepared the Slovak driver once he gets a more powerful Western car. Some drivers have the idea that to own a powerful car is a licence to disregard the safety of all other road users and to kill is merely an inconvenience. Most Slovak drivers have no respect for the law, mainly because they can bribe their way out of trouble. Corruption was around during communism and it has not gone away.

Bill Bean

Sincerest commiseration

I have been shocked by the events from the US, and cannot believe my own eyes and ears. I am very sorry for all the people in your country.
Simply, I have been short of words. Let me express my sincerest commiseration on your tragedy.

Dagmar Senderáková

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