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Workers exposed to radiation at V-2 reactor
91 police officers charged in six months
Hundreds pay respects to Jaro Filip

Jaslovské Bohunice
Workers exposed to radiation at V-2 reactor

Employees of the company Reaktortest were exposed to radiation during maintenance works at a reactor of the fourth unit of the V-2 nuclear power plant in Jaslovské Bohunice from May 3 to June 4. The exposure to the radiation was the result of a violation of working and security guidelines. According to Nuclear Supervision Office spokesman Mojmír Seliga, an inquiry concluded that none of the affected workers had exceeded the permitted annual limit of radiation exposure for professionals.
The inquiry found that Reaktortest employees had not been wearing the required radiation dosage monitors while working on the reactor. Before entering the platform over the open reactor, they also did not check the radiation situation, a violation of working procedures. The Nuclear Supervisory Office reported the findings to the International Atomic Energy Agency on July 26.

91 police officers charged in six months

During the first half of the year, investigators charged 91 police officers with committing a crime. Of the 91 accused, 13 were in positions of command, and four have already been imprisoned, said Interior Ministry Chief Investigator Jaroslav Ivor on July 17. Two police officers are currently being prosecuted for accepting bribes, and two investigators have been accused of abuse of power. Some 50% of the prosecuted officers are from regular police ranks.
One of the accused investigators worked at the District Investigation Office in Nové Zámky (central Slovakia), and was accused of abuse of power and accepting a bribe in late June. He received 20,000 Slovak crowns from a local resident accused of fraud related to the sale of apartments. After bribing the investigator, the resident then decided that 20,000 crowns had been an exorbitant sum, and informed police of the bribe. The investigator has been suspended, and if found guilty will have to leave the police force.

Jaro Filip, who died at age 51.
photo: TASR

Hundreds pay respects to Jaro Filip

Several hundred people came to pay their last respects to Jaroslav Filip, the famous Slovak singer, writer and humourist who died of a heart attack at the age of 51 on July 11. A programme to commemorate Filip was held at L+S Štúdio theatre in Bratislava.

Compiled by Chris Togneri from SITA

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