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International Cuisine

Al Amir Arabic Food
Pizzeria Saranda-Ristorante
Spaghetti & Company
Chez David

Al Amir Arabic Food

Palestinian national Mr. Alkhatib missed good Arabic food so much he decided to open his own restaurant in Bratislava. Enjoy delicious hommos, falafels and a variety of other specialities in a pleasant environment. Don't miss the delicious honey-drenched pancakes for dessert together with cinnamon flavoured Arabic coffee. Polite waiters and great service. Saturday evenings are highly recommended as there is a belly-dancer and lots of laughter.
Delivery service also available.
Karlova Ves - Panorama, Borská 6.
Tel: 6541 2295 or 0903 252 519.
Open daily 11:00-24:00.

Pizzeria Saranda-Ristorante

Saranda is about as close as Bratislava gets to Italian cuisine, which is very close indeed - both owners and the whole kitchen staff are from Calabria. Situated opposite the YMCA cinema near the train station, the restaurant looks uninspiring from the outside, but its plush red carpets and spacious layout set the stage for a long, quiet dinner. Aside from the 20 thin-crust pizzas on offer, take a stab at the scampi alla griglia or the filetto con broccoli. The kitchen is more than willing to make whatever kind of pasta you are in the mood for (they do a very creditable spur-of-the-moment arrabbiata sauce), while the service is quick and urbane. Several varieties of Italian wine are on offer, but nothing more exciting than the Masi Valpolicella and a nondescript Chianti. Saranda prides itself on making its own pasta in the original Italian style.
Povraznícka 18. Tel: 5249 7751.
Open daily 24 hours a day.

Spaghetti & Company

Located about 50 metres from the National Theatre, this place is ideal for a post-opera or post-symphony meal. It's a regular ex-pat dining spot as well, even though the Italian fare isn't quite as authentic as it should be. A sure bet is the lasagne, and the tiramisu isn't bad either. Seven types of Italian wine are on offer, along with the local vin du pays. New to the menu are various types of Italian sandwiches as a hearty breakfast or a light lunch. The menu has also been fortified with various fussily dishes.
Gorkého 1. Tel: 5443 2303.
Open daily 10:30 - 01:00.


Jasmin is the best Chinese Szechwan restaurant in the city, situated just under the castle in what used to be the old Jewish quarter before the Communists moved in with the bulldozers. Peking duck is the undisputed king of the menu, which is full of spicy and authentic dishes. Italian and Slovak wines, along with the outrageously expensive Tsing Tao Chinese beer, are there to douse the fire on your tongue.
Židovská 7. Tel: 5441 5182. Or try out the second site near the city centre: Severíniho 2.
Tel: 43 41 19 51.
Open daily 12.00-23.00.

Chez David

The only kosher restaurant in town, David is an outstanding place in its own right. Chef Martin Korbelic was schooled in Israel, and he now teaches other Slovak chefs who want to learn kosher cuisine. The wait staff is also thoroughly familiar with Jewish culture and cooking. Sitting just under the castle, elegant Chez David offers baked duck, trout stuffed with salmon in a saffron sauce, turkey in a sweet apple sauce...the list goes on. Austrian kosher wines make up the wine list.
Zámocká 13. Tel: 5441 3824.
Open Sun - Thur 11:30 - 22:00, Friday 11:30 - 15:00, Saturday closed.

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