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Reader Feedback: KDH position based onmisconception

The KDH's position against introducing yoga to schools is unfortunately based on great misconceptions and distortions of yogic practice and philosophy [Re: "Church: Yoga equals atheism" by Martina Pisárová, Vol. 7 No. 29, July 30 - August 13]. Regarding the idea that yoga teaches selfishness, the words of yogi Sri Aurobindo may be relevant:

"What stands in the way of course is always the vital ego with its ignorance and the pride of its ignorance and the physical consciousness with its inertia which resents and resists any call to change and its indolence which does not like taking the trouble - it finds it more comfortable to go on its own way repeating always the same old movements and, at best, expecting everything to be done for it in some way or at some time."

Peter Tatian

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