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Reader Feedback: Blame and insinuation over US deaths is absurd

In regard to your editorial, ["Fighting our instincts", Editorial, Vol. 7 No. 35, September 17 - 23], it is total stupidity to blame (or even insinuate) the people who worked in those two buildings, or the people who built the buildings, for the deaths of the persons who died, instead of the terrorists and their supporters who did the criminal act.

[Editor's response: If you read the piece again, you may find that nothing was said to support your objection. What you've done is called ignoratio elenchi - "Argument that appears to refute opponent while actually disproving something not asserted by him." What was actually said was that a tiny minority of people on this planet respond to what they may perceive as trespassers on their culture with incomprehensible aggression. No blame or insinuation was attached to the people who were killed.]

Stephen Banjak

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