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Reader Feedback: Smiling, but shouldn't be

Dear Editor,

I'm smiling. Maybe I shouldn't be, but it's the kind of smile accompanied by a slow shaking of the head side to side ["Real SNS applies for registration" News Briefs Vol. 7 No. 37 October 1-7]. The parallels in this article to what has been going on in Canadian federal opposition politics (specifically in the Alliance party) since last spring, are numerous.

Maybe no allegations of drunken behaviour, but certainly defections and ejections from the party and attempts to form another party. One result is that we now have an awkwardly-named coalition in the opposition with the Progressive Conservatives, an opposition party in its own right. The new moniker is The Progressive Conservative Democratic Representatives Coalition.

While the coalition has no party status of its own (it's only a parliamentary working group), the accord creating it was formulated at a resort at Canada's Mount Tremblant (Trembling Mountain). Be careful, Slovakia, you could be the next to be trembling.

Ron Watson

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