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Letter to the Editor: No more Mečiar sweetheart stories

Dear Editor,

How could you!? Any more 'sweetheart stories' about Mečiar, and I cancel my subscription, as I am sure many other English readers will.
What was Daniel Stoll doing? How well does he know the history of Slovak politics? Did he do this with tongue in cheek, or was he hoping to make political hay? Mečiar's mind like a computer? Some mafia heads in Slovakia beat him by a long shot on this score. The Father of Slovakia? History has yet to prove that the 'velvet separation' was a good move - has he never heard the phrase "United We Stand"?
Why didn't Stoll ask Mečiar about why he allowed his buddies to mutilate, through devious practices, the VSŽ steelworks that alone provided for one quarter of Slovakia's economy?
Why didn't he ask him where he got the money to bring busloads of old women to Bratislava and endow them with cheap presents to hear his political speeches?
Why didn't he ask him where [VSŽ owner Alexander] Rezeš got the money to build his 'castle in Spain?'
Why didn't he ask him where he got the money to build his own mansion, which is presently his home? I know how long a person must work to build such a place, and Mečiar has not lived that long. Or worked that much.
Why didn't he ask him why all foreign heads of state are repelled by him as a person and a politician?
Why didn't he ask for a response to why all prestigious publications blame him for the poor state of our present economy?
Why didn't he ask why all foreign states blame him for the negative image Slovakia has in other democratic countries, which the present government is struggling to overcome? Doesn't this 'computer mind' read anything?
Why wasn't he asked if he really condones the policies of his good friend Milosevic, who is portrayed as a butcher by all democratic states?
It is true that naive old people, mostly women, would like Mečiar back in power. He promised them a raise in pensions, but forgot to tell them that his system bled the country dry of funds to do that. These old people believe in fairy tales, and think that Mečiar has the 'golden touch, the King Midas of legend. They don't understand that he killed the 'golden goose' a long time ago.
Let journalists leave the sweetheart stories about Mečiar and the HZDS for his new newspaper, which I believe has just hit the stands. Those old biddies will love it. But for the rest of us, let us strive for a modern democratic state without Mečiars, Režešes, the mafia and many others who have bled this country of its best.
A western friend told me that Mečiar is a 'bull in a china shop'. He has smashed what he could, and would like to return to finish the smashing, for his own glory.

Anne Matheson

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