Denmark imposes visa requirement on Slovakia

The Danish Interior Ministry announced on November 29 that Denmark had temporarily suspended the visa exemption agreement between the two countries because of the growing number of Romany asylum seekers in Denmark. Ministry officials added, however, that the Romany claims of being discriminated against in Slovakia may not be justified. The visa requirement does not concern diplomatic and business passport holders.

Among European countries earlier this year, Finland recorded the highest number of asylum seekers from Slovakia (1150), followed by Belgium (224), Denmark (215), Sweden (124), Switzerland (85), Norway (68), the Netherlands (44), Austria (11), and Ireland (7). After the installation of the visa duty by Great Britain, no Slovak citizen has attempted to gain British asylum.

On July 7, Finland imposed a visa requirement on Slovakia, followed by Norway on July 27. Both governments announced that they believed Slovakia to be a democratic European country despite the difficult living conditions endured by the Roma community.

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