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Letter to the Editor: Slovakia should avoid 'terrorist organisation'

Dear Editor,

I have been reading about the money Slovakia wants to put into its military budget next year so it can get into NATO. I don't understand why you find it so important to become part of this terrorist organization - after what happened in Yugoslavia, I have no better word for this alliance.

I know, I live in a NATO country, but hopefully not for much longer. I have lost much of my respect for Canada for participating in this dirty war and the propaganda which followed it.

I can only compare the propaganda to those 'good old days' of communism. It was like reliving those days of reading between the lines and getting the same sick feeling in my stomach after reading 'the news.' Journalism on this side of the Atlantic has been almost wiped out by propaganda, and many newspapers are not worth the paper they are printed on.

I would just like the Slovak government to rethink its decision and spend its budget money more wisely. In my humble opinion, it would be better to fund education more handsomely. The strength of a nation lies in its schools, not in its armies.

Miro Pesko
Toronto, Canada

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