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Strongman attempts new weight record

Košice strongman Juraj Barbarič has begun training for an attempt at his sixth Guinness world record.

If all goes to plan, on June 26 next year, the day before Barbarič's 44th birthday, 2,002 Škoda Fabia cars will drive across his chest.

"That means that every 30 seconds another car will drive over me, for a total of 4,004 wheels" said the 175cm, 125kg strongman. Only two wheels of each car actually pass over his chest.

Barbarič bore 316 automobiles on his chest over three hours and 20 minutes during a Košice festival this summer. He trains for six hours every day, hoping in the next three months to have another 14,000 cross his midsection.

Last year Barbarič scored his fifth Guinness record when he pulled 20 train wagons filled with 30 tons of metal 4.5 metres.

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