Reader Feedback: An enticing prospect

I am looking forward to the full text of this interview ["Next Week: Interview with Vladimír Mečiar" Vol. 7 Issue 38 October 8 - 14], since, as it has been since the birth of modern Slovakia, it is Mr. Mečiar's actions and policies that have directed Slovakia, for good or bad.

But what Mr. Mečiar seems unable to grasp (a common problem for egomaniacs) is that people from the outside looking in at Slovakia have only his public actions and words by which to judge him. These words and deeds still haunt him, and it is hard to see why he should be given a third or fourth chance to act like a benevolent and democratic leader. His tenure in office is filled with incidents that make him seem to be more of a minor Milosevic than the "father of his country" he desires to be.

Don Merritt

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