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Golf push hits High Tatras

British and Irish local authority officials say they are interested in supporting tourism development in the High Tatras.

Meeting over the weekend of October 12-14 the general assembly of the National Associations of Councillors and the Local Authority Members Association (LAMA) both said they wanted to help develop Poprad airport and build an 18-hole golf course in the area to bring in more holidaymakers.

Jim Walsh, a representative of LAMA, said more British tour operators were needed in Slovakia. He added that an existing golf course in the High Tatras resort of Tatranská Lomnica could be developed.

Although technically an international airport, Poprad runs few international flights. The introduction of a visa regime for Russians at the start of this year has already affected passenger numbers.

Deputy PM for the Economy Ivan Mikloš, also attending the meeting, backed plans for regional tourism development and the Lomnica golf course.

"It will be necessary for the regions to develop and maintain the airport and also tourism itself, " he said.

Local government officials have said public administration reform will aid the development of tourism.

"It will be a significant step ahead in developing tourism in Slovakia and especially in the Spis and High Tatras region," said the High Tatras Mayor Gabriel Ondrovič.

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