Fico in phone-tap claim

Independent Member of Parliament Robert Fico claims he has been given a set of papers documenting phone tapping by state organisations.

The leader of the non-parliamentary Smer party, Fico said October 12 that he had been given the documents, including 300 pages of records of tapped phone calls and a Slovak secret service document marked 'highly confidential', by a man who came to his office.

However, Fico has refused to reveal the identity of the man who provided the information, and could now find himself facing legal proceedings.

"If the person who gave these documents to Fico committed a criminal offence threatening state secrecy, Fico had a duty to report it. If he did not do this then it is possible that he himself committed a criminal offence," said Daniel Lipšic, head of office at the Justice Ministry.

Fico has not reported the incident to the police. "Why is this whole case being turned against me? Why are we not interested in corruption and leaks of information instead? My political duty is to highlight things, and that's what I am doing now."

Fico's party has recently said that if it forms part of the next government it will push for the creation of a new body to fight corruption and serious economic crimes.

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