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Soldier shot dead by friend
Skinheads torch Pakistani businessman's car
Hitchhiking teenagers run over by drunk driver
Immigrant smuggler caught red-handed

Soldier shot dead by friend

A 19-year-old soldier was killed by a fellow soldier in an accident described by army officials as "a gross violation of guard duty rules".
At a munitions depot in Trebišov at 20:30 October 9 guard M.B. left his checkpoint, climbed a fence and entered an area between his and a second checkpoint. One source said he had his finger on the trigger of a loaded machine gun at the time. When fellow guard O.S. called out for him to return to his post, M.B. turned and discharged his gun, shooting O.S. dead.
"The fatal shot was probably a result of improper handling of the gun," an army spokesperson said.
The guards were good friends. They had only three months remaining in Slovakia's mandatory 10-month term of military service for young men.

Skinheads torch Pakistani businessman's car

A Pakistani businessman blames local skinheads for burning his Volkswagen Passat October 15.
The Pakistani, who has lived in Slovakia 14 years, said that Trnava skinheads regularly insulted and beat him. Days before his car was torched, he was attacked by skinheads wielding a champagne bottle.
The man ruled out any link between the incidents and the international political climate.

Hitchhiking teenagers run over by drunk driver

One teenager died and two were wounded in an accident October 13. Three young men who had been hitchhiking outside Košice lay down in the middle of the road in the early morning hours in hopes of forcing passing cars to pick them up.
Driver Janette G., 32, who did not see them, ran the trio over, killing Lukáš M., 17, immediately and seriously wounding brothers Erik ,18, and Milan, 16.
Tests revealed Janette G.'s blood alcohol level was over the legal limit at the time. ň
She has been charged with causing bodily harm and criminal menace while under the influence of alcohol.

Immigrant smuggler caught red-handed

Police arrested a 31-year-old man on his way to a meeting with 12 Vietnamese and 8 Indian immigrants who had crosses the Slovak-Ukraine border illegally and were hiding out in a forest. The man was due to help them to the West.

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