Army: Tank shell not ours

Army officials have denied a missile found near Prague airport belonged to the Slovak military.

The RPG-75 anti-tank missile was discovered near Prague Ruzyn airport last Thursday. Investigating Czech authorities said the missile was of a type produced under the former Czechoslovakia but shipped to Slovakia when the Czech and Slovak Republics were created in 1993.

However, army officials have declared that a thorough inventory of its munitions has found no missiles to be missing.

Since August this year Slovakia has been involved in several arms scandals involving the suspected illegal trade of parts for tanks, transport of anti-tank missiles to Angola via Bratislava, and trade in weapons to the Saharan states of Chad and the Sudan.

The military's response to Prague's suggestions over the missile's origin came as a former Economy Minister, Milan Cagala, claimed that as many as 200 companies in Slovakia were trading arms.

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