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Separated twins doing well

Former conjoined twins from the village of Krásnohorská dlhá lúka in southeast Slovakia received a clean bill of health from the doctor who separated them last year.

Toddlers Andrej and Lucka are mentally and physically sound, said Dr. Jaroslav Siman after an exam October 18, and are walking normally.

"Because of the original condition of their hips, I thought they would have a Charlie Chaplin gait," said Siman. "But they walk remarkably straight."

Connected at the pelvis, the pair were separated a month after their birth. During two lengthy operations, doctors removed or corrected deformations in several organs and repaired a blocked digestive tract.

Lucia ended up with a larger share of the urinary system, and as a result, Andrej is unable to hold his urine. Siman said that the disability wasn't necessarily permanent.

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