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Spectator on facebook

Reader Feedback: A truly capital complex

The problem with people in Bratislava is that they suffer from a superiority complex ["Reader Feedback: Nasty Bratislavans best left behind", Vol. 7 No. 40 October 22-28]. Because most of Slovakia is made up of small towns and villages, Bratislava is a super big super city with super cool people.....well at least that's what they would like to believe.

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Voters don’t understand self-governing regions

Rules for regional elections change, which may bring some surprising victories.

One of the biggest fights is expected in Banská Bystrica Region.

Sagan rewrites history Video

Cyclist Peter Sagan becomes the first man to win three consecutive world championships. He allegedly did not expect it and was easy with the idea he would not win.

Blog: Why did I come here?

A group of teachers and students from the Bratislava-based school gathered to support their friend, colleague, and fellow foreigner, as she had already tried four times just to get in the door of the foreign police.

Queue in front of the foreigners' police department in Bratislava.

Teachers and scientist support anti-corruption march

They praise the activities of students who may change the current state of corruption.

Organisers of the first student protest, Karolína Farská and Dávid Straka.