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Letter to the Editor: Keep me smiling

Chris, you keep amusing me with your funny stories from my beloved east ["A greenhorn guide to the Spiš Dialect" by Chris Togneri Vol. 7 No. 41 October 29 - November 4]. I'm totally with you when reading about the hospitality of easterners, their relaxed attitude toward life.

The lingo story was great, it's so nice to see a foreigner explore things that many of us - native Slovaks - do not know about at all or know very little. Spišská Nová Ves means something really special to me - my parents met there more than 40 years ago, so had that city not been there with all its beauties, who knows whether I would be here today. Keep up your great work (and all of you at the Spectator) and enjoy your days.

Ivan Remiaš

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