Letter to the Editor: Keep me smiling

Chris, you keep amusing me with your funny stories from my beloved east ["A greenhorn guide to the Spiš Dialect" by Chris Togneri Vol. 7 No. 41 October 29 - November 4]. I'm totally with you when reading about the hospitality of easterners, their relaxed attitude toward life.

The lingo story was great, it's so nice to see a foreigner explore things that many of us - native Slovaks - do not know about at all or know very little. Spišská Nová Ves means something really special to me - my parents met there more than 40 years ago, so had that city not been there with all its beauties, who knows whether I would be here today. Keep up your great work (and all of you at the Spectator) and enjoy your days.

Ivan Remiaš

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News digest: Some schools open, so do some ski resorts

Top prosecutor to be appointed soon. Zsuzsová goes to prison in a murder case. Pezinok judges are busy deciding about custodies for high-profile suspects.

Some schools will open on December 7

Matovič pushed through testing at schools, government is launching a pilot project this weekend.

PM Igor Matovič (front) and Education Minister Branislav Gröhling  (back)

Freed in the Kuciak murder case, guilty of another murder

The Specialised Criminal Court sends Alena Zsuzsová to prison for ordering the murder of former Hurbanovo mayor. She appealed against the verdict, insists she is innocent.

Alena Zsuzsová is escorted to the courtroom.

Health Ministry gearing up for COVID vaccines

Mass campaign planned to get people to take jab.

Illustrative stock photo