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MP claims police intimidation

A Member of Parliament who refused to give a breath sample when pulled over by the police has said he felt threatened throughout the incident.

Speaking a week after the clash with traffic police the ethnic Hungarian party (SMK) MP Pál Farkas said: "I felt threatened and I immediately called numbers on my mobile. I got in touch with one man and he came to help me."

Farkas was stopped by traffic cops in a regular roadside check. The MP claims he showed police his MP's identity card, but that police officers refused to listen to him and tried to force him into the test, despite the legal immunity conferred by his MP status.

The MP then drove off without agreeing to a test and was followed by police. He was stopped in another part of the capital.

Other MPs have taken Farkas's side in what is becoming an increasingly bitter argument.

"The police had no right to detain him and no right at all to use coercive measures against him as he is a Member of Parliament and has immunity," said Peter Ošváth, a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Defence and Safety.

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