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Suicide shocks football team

One of Slovakia's most promising young footballers has committed suicide just hours after helping his first division side team to an unexpected draw against the league champions.

Juraj Kebesa, 20, a striker for first division team 1. FC Košice and the national under 20 team, threw himself out of a window in a block of flats in the east Slovak town of Košice, on the night of October 10.

He had that afternnon been key to the side's draw with double winners Inter Bratislava.

The club confirmed that the talented forward had been having problems with his girlfriend.

"This is a big shock for us. Everything else is unimportant now. We saw a great prospect in him before the season and his performance in recent national team games against Poland only confirmed this," said Košice coach Erik Bogdanovský. Police have refused to release any further information on the case.

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