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Letter to the Editor: Some come back again and again

I hope Mr. Petko that you simply are thinking about former Prime Minister Vladimír Mečiar (with that description) otherwise you know very little about Slovak politics or should I say Slovaks. You never know, some politicians come back again and again. Maybe Dzurinda has lost credit in your eyes but I would not make such a general statement if I was you. Maybe I would blame the entire coalition for not delivering on promises to reduce unemployment and pay off money borrowed during the Mečiar administration.

I would give Dzurinda's government and him credit for making Slovakia interesting for foreign investors (US Steel for example). Let's give credit where credit is deserved. Just last week Dzurinda by himself managed to bring Slovakia into American New Media. He appeared on CNN twice and even the New York Times described Dzurinda positively. Dzurinda's New York visit was hard work and a good job and it was very well received by the media. This NYC visit was simply excellent. I heard that some people in Slovakia even ridiculed him for going to run the New York marathon. Some even said that that does not benefit the country.

Some perhaps do not see the eventual profit in all these international efforts. It is the same mentality that went on behind the iron curtain for years. Personally, I applaud Mr. Dzurinda's every effort in continually making Slovakia visible in the eyes of the world no matter what and how significant those efforts may be to others.

Mr. Petko this is just your tangent way of thinking. You feel that Prime Minister Dzurinda's effort to signify Slovakia's prominent place in the international scene is futile, considering the state of Slovakia's internal problems. You do no see the eventual profit in all these international efforts. It's called marketing (virtually unknown during communist era and to you if you call him a blablablabla-man).

Tereza Spencer

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