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Creditors call for VZP bankruptcy

Five minor creditors have submitted a motion that bankruptcy be called on state health insurer Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa (VZP), threatening the collapse of the entire health system.

VZP, which has over Sk10 billion in debts, insures 3.6 million Slovaks, more than half the population.

Financial problems in the health care sector have also affected hospitals and other medical centres. Some hospitals have been left without water and threatened with having deliveries of food stopped by angry suppliers demanding overdue payments.

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Coalition only agrees on how to talk. But what will they talk about?

Budget talks to decide on concrete policies. Danko wants airplanes, Fico wants better pay for nights and weekends.

Danko, Fico, Bugar.

Cloud computing becomes a standard

External servers are now much more secure than local business ones, according to experts.

Slovak firms have their eyes on the cloud.

Slovaks drink less and less

Behind the decline in alcohol consumption is, for example, the abandoning of the habit of drinking at work – typical especially during communism, according to an expert.

Kiska: Even Europe has its aggressive neighbour

President Andrej Kiska addressed UN commenting poverty, instability and climate change.

President Andrej Kiska