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Politicians attacked
Drugs ring smashed
Mečiar marriage

Politicians attacked

Two regional leaders of Vladmír Mečiar's HZDS party were involved in a brutal night attack as they walked to their cars.
Ján Kovarčík and Lýdia Forrová were violently attacked by two men police believe to be around 18 years old. The two politicians were left severely bruised. They claim the attack was politically motivated.
"We walked from the office to my car and were sitting there when suddenly the two front doors opened.
"I didn't even have time to start the car when I suddenly had a fist in my face. I heard a noise and the second man was beating Mrs Forrová in the face," said Kovarčík.
The police investigation continues.

Drugs ring smashed

Police in east Slovakia have smashed a drug ring selling the deadly LSD-type drug pervetin.
Four men, Dalibor L., 21, Miroslav B., 32, Jan K, 51 and Josef M, were arrested after an operation that started November 7 and finished last weekend.
The men were involved in the production and distribution of the mind-bending drug, Košice police said. They are expected to be taken into custody while a full investigation is carried out.

Mečiar marriage

Magdaléna Mečiarová, daughter of the three time Prime Minister and HZDS leader Vladimír Mečiar, got married last weekend in Bratislava's Blue Church under tight security.
On November 10 Mečiarová married Ján Gálik, an employee of the Institute for the protection of constitutional officials.
Media reported that Mečiar cried after the ceremony and pictures of the young couple in tears when the ex PM congratulated them appeared in several Slovak media the following Monday. Mečiar had earlier admitted that Magdaléna was the dearest of his four children.
About 200 people came to congratulate the couple, including HZDS party members Irena Belohorská and Katarína Tóthová.
Although neither prominent politicians nor businessmen were invited to the wedding party the church was surrounded by luxurious limousines which escorted the newly-weds and their families.

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