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Tobacco tax to be hiked

The Finance Ministry is planning to raise excise tax on tobacco and related products in order to compensate for a revenue shortfall in next year's state budget.

Finance Minister Brigita Schmognerová said November 16 that revenues would be below target following parliament's recent rejection of a bill to cut the state premium for construction savings from 25 to 20%.

The move will harmonise Slovak excise rates with those of the European Union. Slovakia's rate for tobacco products is 29.4%, whereas the EU's is 57%.

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In praise of concrete

It was once notorious for its drab tower blocks and urban crime, but Petržalka now epitomises modern Slovakia.

Petržalka is the epitome of communist-era architecture.

Slow down, fashion

Most people are unaware that buying too many clothes too harms the environment.

In shallow waters, experts are expendable

Mihál says that it is Sulík, the man whom his political opponents mocked for having a calculator for a brain, who “is pulling the party out of liberal waters and towards somewhere completely different”.

Richard Sulík is a man of slang.

Blog: Exploring 20th century military sites in Bratislava

It seems to be the fate of military sites and objects in Bratislava that none of them were ever used for the purposes they were built for - cavernas from WWI, bunkers from WWII, nuclear shelters or the anti-aircraft…

One nuclear shelter with a capacity for several hundred people now serves as a music club with suitable name Subclub (formerly U-club).