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Spectator on facebook

Objections to EU tax

Finance Minister Brigita Schmögnerová wants people to keep smoking cigarettes at low prices and is ready to ask the EU to extend a transition period on tobacco tax. "There is still time Slovakia can use for negotiations," the minister said in Brussels December 4. The EU is demanding candidate states introduce a 57% tax on cigarettes but some countries have managed to negotiate transition periods. The Czech Republic has already agreed to a three-year period.

But some ministers have suggested slapping the new tax on cigarettes too quickly will lead to huge price rises and a growth in tobacco smuggling through the country, mainly from the Ukraine.

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Queues rigged at foreigners’ police, say clients

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Queue in front of the foreigners' police department in Bratislava.

Legendary Luna bar to reopen Photo

The programme in the bar will focus on retro and oldies.

Luna Bar in the Kyjev Hotel

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It was once notorious for its drab tower blocks and urban crime, but Petržalka now epitomises modern Slovakia.

Petržalka is the epitome of communist-era architecture.

Safari under High Tatras Video

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