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Farmers may face fine
Man kicked to death
Vandals steal statue
Man shot at pig slaughtering
Coin collection stolen

Farmers may face fine

Owners of a cattle farm in Buzica, Košice district, might have to cough up as much as Sk500,000 ($10,204) for torturing the farm's cattle.
State veterinary authorities have begun legal proceedings against the owners for not providing enough food for the cattle during winter. More than 100 dairy cows and heifers were left to starve.
Six cows have already died and the rest might face similar fate, said Miroslav Novák, director of the Agriculture Ministry's regional department.

Man kicked to death

Two young men have robbed a 40-year old Ján M. and then kicked him to death.
Žilina district investigator has charged Marián S., 20, and Mário Š., 16, with robbing Ján M. of Sk4,000 ($82) shortly after midnight, November 39 on his way to hotel Fran in Makov, a town in the northern Slovak district of Čadca.
The pair admitted to meeting with their victim that evening in a local pub. The two men persuaded Jan M to buy them drinks and then lured him outside. He was savagely beaten, robbed, thrown into a nearby mound of snow and left to die.
The hotel manager found the dead body in the morning.
If found guilty the youngsters can face 10 to 15 years in prison for robbery and murder.

Vandals steal statue

Two vandals who stole a bronze statue of a kneeling woman from a memorial to victims of the nazis are to be charged and could face between two and eight years in jail.
Vladimír K, 39 and Zdenko L, 26, from the central Slovak village of Ráztoka attempted to steal and sell the statue in July, causing over Sk1 million ($20,000) of damage.
The Memorial of the Tortured commemorates the WW II when Germans occupied the village and killed and burnt those who fought in the 1944 Slovak National Uprising.

Čierny Balog
Man shot at pig slaughtering

A 28-year old man was shot at a traditional pig slaughtering party in Čierny Balog, a village near the central Slovak town of Brezno, November 30.
The man and his neighbour were chasing a pig with a rifle when it fell on the ground, discharged and shot the younger man in his knee. The man was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.
Brezno police are investigating illegal possession of the rifle.

Coin collection stolen

Unknown perpetrators stole valuable paintings and an extensive coin collection from a professor, 81, on November 30.
The thieves broke into his family home in Košice and made away with the loot valued at Sk700,000 ($14,600). Košice police have launched an investigation.

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