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Čarnogurský visits AmCham Business Breakfast
Reception at the Presidential Palace
Human Resources conference
Italy's Ravenna province examines Slovakia

Čarnogurský visits AmCham Business Breakfast

The American Chamber of Commerce will hold a business breakfast featuring a talk by Justice Minister Ján Čarnogurský. The breakfast takes place at the Pressbourg Restaurant in the Hotel Danube on November 11, starting at 8:00 and lasting until 9:30. Tickets are 350 Slovak crowns for AmCham members and 500 crowns for non-members. Reservations can be made at
Tel.: 07-59 34 05 08.

Reception at the Presidential Palace

The American Chamber of Commerce holds another meeting this month with an important Slovak official, this time a reception at the Presidential Palace to meet Slovak President Rudolf Schuster. The reception is on November 11, starting at 16:00. Those interested should apply before November 9; tickets for 300 crowns are available only at the AmCham office, and attendance is limited to AmCham members. More information at Tel.: 07-59 34 05 08.

Human Resources conference

AmCham invites all comers to a Human Resources Conference at the Diamant Room in the Hotel Danube on November 18. The meeting starts at 9:00 and lasts until 17:00. Tickets are 900 crowns for AmCham members and 1,000 crowns for non- members, and can be pre-purchased from the AmCham Office, or during the event at the check-in counter. The cost of admission includes a copy of presentation materials, coffee breaks, lunch, a reception and bar during the evening. For further information call Tel.: 07-59 34 05 08.

Italy's Ravenna province examines Slovakia

Italian ceramics, music and business will be the focus of a month-long exhibition staged by the Italian Embassy in Bratislava. On Monday, November 8, a meeting between Slovak and Italian businessmen will be held focusing on opportunities for new business parnerships.
Called "Ravenna Smes Meets the Slovak Market," the event begins at the Hotel Danube at 9:00, and involves a series of lectures given by Italian and Slovak business and government officials who hope to promote business and investment ties between Slovak entrepreneurs and the Italian region of Ravenna.
The keynote speech, beginning after registration, will be delivered by the Italian Ambassador to Slovakia, Egone Ratzemberger, followed by an address from Guiseppe Saretta, president of the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce, as well as presentations by Pietro Baccarini, the president of the Ravenna Chamber of Commerce, and Gabriele Albonetti, president of the Ravenna province.
Then comes a lecture called "Slovak Policy on Foreign Investment," delivered by an official from the Slovak Economy Ministry, and a lecture on "Development Perspectives and Foreign Investments in the Agro-Food Sector" given by an Agriculture Ministry official.
For further information contact the Italian Embassy at
Tel.: 07-54 41 25 85.
By Soňa Bellušová

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