Mečiar remains most popular Slovak politician

A poll conducted by the Slovak Statistical Office again confirmed that HZDS boss Vladimír Mečiar is the most popular politician in Slovakia. The poll was conducted between October 1 and 11 and involved 981 respondents.

When asked to name their favourite politician, 17.2% of respondents chose Mečiar. The former Prime Minister was followed closely in the poll by Slovakia's first-ever freely elected president, Rudolf Schuster, who was favoured by 16.3%.

Róbert Fico, a former member of the ruling Party of the Democratic Left (SDĽ) who recently quit the SDĽ to form a new party known as SMER (meaning 'direction' in English) placed third with 13.7%. Fico was followed in the polls by current Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda (12.1%), Slovak National Party chairwoman Anna Maliková (7.3%), Foreign Affairs Minister Eduard Kukan (5.9%), Hungarian Coalition Boss Béla Bugár (4.1%), HZDS MP's Ivan Gasparovič (3.9%) and Sergej Kozlík (3.5%) and Justice Minister Ján Čarnogurský (2.9%).

The poll also found that 36.1% of Slovak citizens do not trust any politician.

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