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Hash House Runners brave Koliba
International Women's Club holds annual Christmas Bazaar
Month Of Photography 1999

Hash House Runners brave Koliba

The autumn hash run will be held on Saturday, November 6, starting at 13:30 at Koliba Hill, the green area above Bratislava which is capped by an odd-looking transmission tower. Runners should meet at the last stop of bus No. 213, which leaves every 20 minutes from in front of Hotel Forum. A short run will be followed by some beer drinking among convivial company. The price, which includes beer, is 100 Slovak crowns for foreigners and 50 crowns for locals. For more information call Erika, Tel.: 07-54 41 16 17, or check the Net at http://members.xoom.com/blavahash/index/html.

International Women's Club holds annual Christmas Bazaar

The International Women's Club (IWC) of Bratislava holds its traditional Christmas Bazaar on November 7 at PKO ('the Park of Culture and Leisure,' on the Danube River near the Lafranconi Bridge) to raise money for charity activities.
The IWC, a non-profit organisation, last year raised over 840,000 Slovak crowns ($21,000) at the Bazaar. This year, 5,000 crowns of the money raised will go towards buying a vacuum cleaner for the Petržalka Children's Home, while 100,000 crowns is earmarked to help equip the New House Centre in Martin, central Slovakia. The IWC can provide anyone interested with a list of organisations funded this year.
The club promotes friendship and understanding, and provides financial assistance to selected charities. People who wish to lend a financial helping hand may make either a cash gift or a donation of goods that can be given away in the tombola or draws that will be held frequently during the Bazaar. Donations of goods for sale at the Bazaar are also welcome. For further information call 07-54 77 63 09.

Month Of Photography 1999

The Slovak cities of Bratislava, Martin, Banská Štiavnica and Snina will host an international photography festival from October 28 until November 31. Slovakia's long tradition in amateur and professional photography will be compared to the best of world photography at 36 exhibitions. The Month of Photography 1999 presents new trends in contemporary photography alongside photographs from the beginning of the 20th century - landscape and documentary photos as well as artistic shots. For full programme and further informaton contact Profil Gallery, Prepoštská Street, Tel.: 07-54 43 04 59, or see the following issue (Vol. 5, No. 42) of The Slovak Spectator. Bratislava showings begin November 1.

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