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Nation divided on virtues of NATO membership

According to a poll conducted during the first ten days of October by the Slovak Statistics Office's Institute for Public Opinion Research (UVVM), 50% of Slovaks think that NATO membership is unnecessary. The poll, which interviewed 980 respondents, showed that only 35% see NATO membership as necessary while 15% percent were undecided.

Of the respondents, university graduates and Hungarian minority members showed the most support for Slovakia's NATO ambitions, with 57%.

In terms of political orientation, people who supported the parties of the ruling coalition showed the highest support : voters who supported the Slovak Democratic Coalition (SDK) and the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK) gave a 64% approval rate, while those backing the Christian-Democratic Movement (KDH) were 60% in favour, and backers of the Party for Civic Understanding (SOP) with 48%.

Supporters of the opposition parties, on the other hand, showed minimal support for NATO membership: Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) supporters gave a 30% NATO membership approval rate while voters backing the far-right nationalist Slovak National Party (SNS) were 24% in support.

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