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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Hello! I am a Slovak-American (at least that's what I call myself. My grandparents are from Lukovištia and Klenovice). I tune in to the The Slovak Spectator every week and especially enjoy the culture section. I really liked the column in the last issue, "You are what you read." So I must reply to Mr. Zednik's last inquiry in his essay: "Who reads The Slovak Spectator?" Well, I do, and I greatly look forward to it every Monday. I keep a notebook of articles printed out from TSS (mainly those on the cultural end). I am studying the Slovak language, literature and culture, and I hope to travel to Bratislava soon! In a future issue of TSS, I think it'd be neat to print some of these replies in the culture column so the rest of us readers can also see who's reading it. Thanks! Take care.

Virginia Parobek
Lancaster, Ohio

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