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Letter to the Editor: ...And a funeral

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed that the Spectacular Slovakia 1999 magazine was so poorly researched and rewritten. So many of the articles were the same as in the newspaper and in issues past that it is not worth reading the newest edition.

Please watch out for this - update your listing of restaurants and bars every year. Some need to be mentioned again, and so many need to be forgotten.

Prašná Bašta Restaurant has the best food and service in the capital, but gets little mention in Spectacular Slovakia.

On the other hand, Hystéria, with some of the worst food and service around, gets your nod of approval. I have been here for years, and you have the same entry every year.

Hotel West has the closest thing to Mexican cuisine, and The Jungle Cafe also has some Mexican dishes.

Hystéria has great tasting beer and young women there every night, but the food is of very poor quality and is not the closest thing to Mexican, as you claim, by any stretch of the culinary imagination.

The design and layout of the current edition was new, exciting and wonderfully done. But please make the next edition more current and accurate.

In your readership's best interest,

Steven Stromp
Bratislava, Slovakia

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