Four politicians threatened; heroin scheme foiled

Three politicians currently working on an amendment to the law on the "Children and Youth Fund" (FDM) have received death-threats, and a fourth was the target of a foiled attempt to plant heroin in his car in Bratislava at the end of September.

Peter Muranský (SDK), Ľubomír Andrássy (SDĽ) and Jirko Malchárek (SOP) all received phone calls telling them to abandon a proposed amendment which would enable the state to reclaim property which it lost when it allowed socialist and other youth organisations to claim real ownership over hotels, camps, and other property they nominally owned under communism.

Unknown culprits also attempted to plant 198 containers of heroin in the car of current FDM Chairman Martin Kugla on September 29 in Bratislava. Kugla told reporters that the attempted "defamation" of his character was also in response to the FDM amendment.

The SDK's Muranský, who has received three menacing calls, said the callers clearly did not want the FDM amendment discussed in parliament. "They said people were being shot for the amounts of property we want to recover through this law," he said.

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