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Fake Italian bank note distributors nabbed

Trenčín - Three men were arrested in connection to the distribution of 249 counterfeit Italian bank notes worth 100,000 lira each on September 28. According to the spokesperson of the regional Directorate of the Police Corps in Trenčín, the quality of the bank notes was very good, adding that they can only be detected by special equipment at the National Bank of Slovakia (NBS).

A man from Prievidza has been accused of putting the fake notes into circulation. Milan H., another culprit, tried to deposit some of the notes at a local VUB bank branch in Trenčín where he was told the notes were counterfeits. Police later found a third man from Prievidza who had attempted to exchange five additional bank notes at a non-banking cash exchange office. If convicted, the men may be sentenced to five to ten years in prison.

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