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HZDS accepts first top parliamentary post since 1998

The opposition Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) appears to have ended a boycott of leading posts in parliament, which it began one year ago after failing to win a majority in the parliamentary elections. The HZDS had been boycotting the seats because they were unsatisfied with what they had been offered by the ruling coalition after the election.

On September 10, prominent HZDS MP Augustín Marián Húska was elected to the post of deputy chairman of the EU-Slovakia joint parliamentary committee. Húska, 70, told the media that he thought his nomination would have little effect on coalition-opposition relations. "I assume that these relations will remain correct though controversial," he said.

In the past, Húska has described Slovakia as a man with one "extraordinarily" strong economic leg, but with a slightly weaker democratic one. He had warned that every country limps sometimes, not only Slovakia.

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