Roma assistance projects approved by cabinet

The government has approved 15 projects for tackling the problems which beset the Romany community in Slovakia. Put forward by Pál Csáky, Deputy Prime Minister for Human and Minority Rights and Regional Development, their implementation will cost about 8 million crowns ($190,500).

Csáky's spokesman said that the nationwide measures include providing classes for Romany children at elementary schools, hiring Romany teachers, providing school textbooks on the history of Romanies and their life in Slovakia, producing a Slovak television serial about Romanies, completing the Center for Romany Youth Education, and building a cultural center supporting the development of young Romanies. Other projects will be carried out regionally.

The six nationwide projects were proposed by Romany organisations, private institutions, town councils and state administration authorities, Csáky's spokesman said. He added that another batch of state-financed projects for Romanies will be presented by Csáky in September.

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