TV Luna to start broadcasting in November

A new TV station, going by the name Luna, will begin Slovak broadcasts in early November. The private station intends to separate itself from the competition by running short five-minute newscasts every hour. It will also offer a 20-minute talk show every day, in the style of CNN's Larry King Live, to focus on political and social events.

The Radio and TV License Council (RRTV) decision to accept the broadcast license changes requested by Luna's operator, WN Danubius Film Ltd., reopened the door to the station this past summer. Luna had first applied for a license last year under the name Telemars, financed from a loan provided by Devín Banka.

WN Danubius is a cable TV license holder with the potential to cover 30 cities. Luna intends to grow into a regular commercial television station that will broadcast 70 hours weekly, devoting 10% of its airtime to news reporting and 23% to other news-related analytical programs.

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